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Mandy Easter

Mandy Easter, Board Member

Growing up in a family of Wolverines, it was expected that Mandy would attend the University of Michigan. That plan changed when she was named to the editorial staff of the high school newspaper in her Junior year. The following summer she had the opportunity to attend Journalism seminars at MSU. Mandy's experience at State was one of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for learning. This left an indelible impression and she never looked back, becoming a proud Spartan in 1968.
Since college Mandy has worked exclusively for financial institutions. Currently she serves as a member of The Vantage Credit Union Management Team where she has been instrumental in its’ growth and success for over 23 years.
Mandy discovered the MSUAA very much alive and well in St Louis during the 2012 football season. Since then she has participated in several of their on-going events and community efforts on an entry-level and plans to continue as one of the newer board members at large.
Among Mandy's fondest memories of her time at Michigan State University are: The "Game of the Century" with Bubba Smith et all vs. Notre Dame; Feeling so excited to be part of 'acadamea' and having discussions with her ATL professor; countless on-campus rock concerts (after all it was the 60's-70's!). However, one of her proudest memories is that of watching her first-born daughter become an MSU graduate in 1992.


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